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Ready, Set, Critique! Registration

Date(s) - 04/16/2021 - 04/18/2021
12:00 am

Registration is now open

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Before you proceed

Have a list of at least three preferred faculty members ready (do your research before registering to be sure you choose people who are a good fit for your work). When you register, you will choose the faculty member, then your critique time slot. If your first choice no longer has times available, choose another faculty member.

Have your submission materials formatted and ready to go. See the submission guidelines for more information. You will not be able to resubmit, so make sure you send your best work the first time.



NOTE: By registering, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to abide by the following guidelines. All faculty and attendees MUST agree in order to participate in Ready, Set, Critique.

This event is an SCBWI Safe and Supportive Space. It should be a positive experience for the attendee and faculty member giving the critique. Note that your face-to-face discussion should remain focused on the project and its critique. Also be aware that some questions that may seem innocuous to you could be construed as offensive by the person with whom you are meeting. Please pause and think before speaking. All participants agree to abide by the SCBWI Anti-harassment Policy and additional policies listed here.


Things to keep in mind:

1. Our aim is to lift up, embrace, and encourage all voices. As stated by We Need Diverse Books, “We recognize all diverse experiences, including (but not limited to) LGBTQIA, Black Indigenous people of color, gender diversity, people with disabilities, ethnic, cultural, and religious minorities,” as well as those with socio-economic differences, and neurodivergent individuals. As such, you will treat each other with respect and focus your comments on the creative work.

2. This is not the time or place to ask permission to write about a culture, race, or minority group other than your own. Recognizing that you may not be the best person to tell this particular story is the first step toward creating diverse books for all readers, but it’s YOUR responsibility to do the research, not the faculty member with whom you are meeting. Often, this can take years of research. Likewise, if you are the faculty member who is reading an OwnVoices manuscript, portfolio, or book dummy from a voice outside your experience, please take time to consider your perspective before giving feedback that may not apply to this particular project.

3. Do not assume the person with whom you are meeting shares your political views or outlook. They are here to give/receive feedback on a creative work. That’s it. Unless your creative work is political, please do not discuss politics.

4. Remember: the critique isn’t about you. It’s about your creative work. Even though it can be painful to receive criticism of your work, it is intended to help you improve. When you receive your written critique, read it through. Take a deep breath. And give that feedback time to simmer before deciding which comments are helpful to you. When you meet face-to-face, focus on comments that puzzle you or those you aren’t sure how to address. Don’t waste time explaining why you were right and the critiquer was wrong. Critiques are subjective, so focus on what you feel will help improve your creative work. And remember, if a comment doesn’t resonate, you don’t have to use it! 

5. If you become uncomfortable with the conversation during your critique, you should immediately leave your breakout room and notify Nebraska RA Alison Pearce Stevens (, who can help guide you on how to report your experience to headquarters. Both participants will have the same option to leave the critique should the conversation take an offensive turn. We hope this doesn’t happen! But if it does, refunds will not be provided, because you will have already received your full written and partial face-to-face critique.



Ready to register? Here we go!

Registration opens February 1 for Nebraska region members and at noon (CST) February 5 to SCBWI members outside Nebraska and to nonmembers. Registration closes February 28 or when all critique slots are filled.

Member ticket: $60
Nonmember ticket: $75

You will need a credit card to complete payment. Once your registration is complete, you will receive a confirmation email that will give you instructions on how to submit your work for critique. Any materials not submitted within 24 hours of registration will result in a canceled registration, and that time slot will open up again.