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Ready to dive into a new book (or two or three)? This workshop and retreat series is for you! Writing from the Inside Out is a two-part virtual workshop and retreat series designed to help you create the best stories you can, then polish your submission package and get your work to interested agents.

The workshop is really a mini master class–a deep dive into the nuts and bolts of writing for children.

About the workshop:

During the virtual workshop, you will attend a series of 90-minute Zoom meetings with other interested writers. Each year, the workshop will focus on one type of writing (novels, picture books, nonfiction, or graphic novels). Experienced writers will guide you through the process of developing your story (or stories), and you will work in small, collaborative groups to iron out the kinks as you go.

The Virtual Workshop begins mid-summer and lasts up to 12 months. During that time, your group will meet once or twice a month via Zoom to engage in new lessons, discuss the ups and downs of your progress, and provide you with check-ins to keep you on track to a finished—even polished—story (or several, if you are writing picture books).


About the retreat:

The Agent Retreat takes place at the end of June, after the Virtual Workshop concludes (one year after the workshop begins). This in-person retreat will feature an agent who will help you develop and refine your query, pitch, and synopsis. They will also meet with you one-on-one to answer your writing and publishing questions, and you’ll get exclusive query opportunities to boot!


Why do both?

You may attend either the Virtual Workshop or the Agent Retreat, but those who participate in the workshop will have more opportunities during and after the retreat than those who attend only the retreat. Why? Because agents and editors want to see your best work, and by participating in the earlier stages of the Writing from the Inside Out series, your work will be farther along and more likely to be ready for an agent’s or editor’s consideration. This series is designed to help you put your best foot forward and reward you for your dedication.


2020-2021 – Novels
2021-2022 – Picture books
2022-2023 – Nonfiction
2023-2024 – Graphic Novels
2024-2025 – Novels (and the cycle starts again)

Questions? Ask our Retreat Coordinator, Nancy Sharp Wagner