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Regional Volunteers

NOTE: If your email client allows, you can click the name of the volunteer to send them a message. Or you can copy and paste their address into your email client. For information about each volunteer, click their profile link to be taken to their profile page on the SCBWI website.



Alison Pearce Stevens, Regional Advisor (see profile)

Chloe Burgett, Regional Illustrator Coordinator (see profile)


Communications and Outreach

Tim Hantula, Social Media Coordinator (see profile)

Shelly Nosbisch, Published Author (and Illustrator) Liaison (see profile)

Rosalind Reloj, Promotions Coordinator (see profile)

Judith Snyder, Critique Group Coordinator (see profile)

Betty VanDeventer, Newsletter Coordinator (see profile)


Sheli Petersen, Webinar Coordinator (see profile)

Nancy Sharp Wagner, Retreat Coordinator (see profile)



Tim Hantula, Webmaster (see profile)


Interested in becoming a volunteer? Contact Alison at